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  1. What else I should say? A comprehensible and concise run down of principles
    added with examples and feasible reality, that just explains it all. Thank
    you for this one! More power!

  2. +Brian Tracy – Štirje principi marketinške strategije

    Sicer se v videu lahko nastavijo avtomatsko prevedeni podnapisi v
    slovenščino, samo je podnapise skoraj težje brat, kot poslušat indijanca
    sinhroniziranega v nemščino

    Torej, video je v angleščini.

  3. As charming and skilled as Roger Sterling on Mad Men, yet far more generous
    of spirit. Thank you, Brian.

  4. Thank you! I see these talks helping my business immediately.

  5. Excellent! Funny how I can never watch this guy without taking notes :p

  6. Don’t miss those 4 principles of Marketing strategy.
    Good power!

  7. Great video, and basis for any business or brand to start off with.
    Ascending Marketing Solutions 

  8. 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy, by Brian Tracy

  9. 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy
    4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

  10. Very informative and detailed seminar, very applicable to many types of

  11. I started listening to Brian Tracy years ago as he has helped thousands of
    individuals how to market properly.

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