25 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing

  1. If +Marie Forleo doesn’t make an animated GIF out of that crab dance by +Gary
    Vaynerchuk in the outtakes clip at the end she’s crazy. That stuff is

  2. Just got the book 🙂 Thanks Marie for a great recommendation! 

  3. Wonderful interview! Gary gives some of his best advice in this video. He
    is truly doing what he loves. Great job +marieforleo

    We’ll also be uploading interviews with well-known entrepreneurs that share
    great insight into the process they had to learn in order to build their
    social media communities if anyone is interested. We’re posting videos to
    our channel about the science behind Social Media Marketing if anyone is

    I figured it could be shared with the social media community! 

  4. 8:08 actually it’s pronounced “jif” you piece of shit

  5. Social media marketing… The Future of Social Media Marketing w/ Gary

  6. Lol. I like this but he didn’t have to interrupt her so much, to get his
    point across. But – I do like this interview & wish more entrepreneurs
    would follow much of his advice. 

  7. Want to succeed in social media? Watch this! You’ll find out your pretty
    much doing everything wrong!!! 

  8. The Future of Social Media Marketing w/ Gary Vaynerchuk

  9. You are a superstar, Marie, love your honesty and accessibility!

  10. Must get my hands on this book!
    I just have a question for anyone scrolling through the comments who bought
    I know that a lot of this conversation is centered around small businesses,
    but if you purchased this to market a blog, did it help you?
    I’m not trying to sell anything, I just want to drive more traffic to my
    beauty blog.
    Thanks in advance for any help :)

  11. Social Media is the fastest way to project your business, thanks for this
    piece of information. Nice interview

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