25 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimisation

  1. Optimizing your website properly will help it improve the site’s
    performance and gathers more traffic. 

  2. Hmm… nice tie. And good job you’re in Joondalup ’cause that’s what’s
    getting you on P1 in this demo… Now try getting on P1 in London or New
    York as an exercise…

  3. Seo is about making website better and showing to the potential customer or

  4. Didn’t get much information but this is really helpful for beginners.
    Excellent speaker you are Mr.Murray.
    Good job..

  5. Australians always seem know their shit when it comes to teaching SEO.
    Smart man, great video.

  6. Thanks a lot for the tutorial about CEO and useful information !

  7. Greet. if you hire me the i will give you web-site related backlink and
    must be effect your site for the rank 1

  8. this video explain with details what is te search engine optimization. its

  9. Anyone can get on the first page of Google. But you will find no one will
    type your phrase or keyword in..Go to Google webmaster tools, and look for
    a keyword with low competition. and many type it in, our advice is, a 3
    word phrase, Never pay for adwords, it’s a waste of time, and you will lose
    money, if your a small website..yes its possible to get on the first page,
    but how many are typing your keyword in??? you learn people SEO?? never
    pay for a dvd on seo, you can learn SEO in 2 mins,

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