How To Sell On Facebook

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  1. In my video I briefly mention SSL becoming a requirement, but it seems it
    now is a requirement. I honestly don’t know for how long this has been a
    requirement because I have been using SSL on my applications from the
    start. As for the technical part, it doesn’t require a dedicated IP. All
    you really need is the SSL certificate. For example, if you are on a
    shared hosting plan, you simply order an SSL through your hosting provider
    and they add it to your account. … continued due to Youtube

  2. An SSL connection would be h77ps,something,something instead of
    h77p,something,something. From there though, you have to turn your links
    into secure links so that when people click on the links in your store,
    they are taken to h77ps,something,something instead of
    h77p,something,something. I mention how to do it in my video. In general I
    always recommend SSL certificates on all store whether on Facebook or not,
    because it looks more professional and it makes buyers more comfortable.

  3. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is what is used to secure private
    data which is advised on websites that require user registration,
    transactions etc.

  4. Error App Domains: dreamboxxbmcireland should not contain protocol
    information. thats what mine keeps saying after i bought the ssl

  5. Hey Matthew, Try removing the h t t p s : / / from the domain (sorry for
    the spaces but I can’t add links in Youtube comments). It seems Facebook
    wants you to exclude the protocol which is that part.

  6. Hey is it legal to create a facebook page for selling items ?Is that for
    free? thanks

  7. As long as the items being sold are legal, I don’t see why anyone would
    have any problems. As for cost, Facebook doesn’t charge for apps, pages etc.

  8. so ahhh and ahhhhh and ahhhhhh at ahhhhh you can ahhhhhh we can ahhhhhhh

  9. Facebook has become a new Sales Channel for many people. I like your video
    very hopefull I will start selling on facebook. Thank you

    If you need help in finding profitable items to sell give me a call I can
    help you. I was an Ebay Powerseller and know a few tricks of my own.

    Learn how to sell customer returns on Facebook E-commerce.

  10. I already have a online store for my business and an existing Facebook but
    i’m try to have my Facebook set up as a store so people can make their
    purchase from my Facebook page if they don’t want to go to my online
    website. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you.

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