The Difference Between Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets and Traditional Storage Facilities

The Difference Between Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets and Traditional Storage Facilities

Storing Chemical Supplies

Currently, dangerous goods are becoming more and more frequently used, particularly in pest control industries. Dangerous goods are not just limited to pests control products however; they also cover any item that could cause harm or injury to a person or animal, so guns, knives and even scissors in some instances. That’s where dangerous goods storage cabinets come in very handy, but what makes them so much better than traditional storage facilities?

People do often store these goods in drawers, hide them under their bed or even lock them away in a cupboard, but sometimes these precautions are not enough to keep people safe, especially if the dangerous goods are flammable or liquid based. If there is any chance of leaking, then you might find that the chemicals within the product can seep outside of their storage space and cause damage or injury. That is why finding the right storage container for your goods should be a priority.

A dangerous goods storage cabinet will be constructed with one goal in mind; to safely house and protect your dangerous goods when they aren’t in use. As a result, many of them are watertight, or have a resistance to impact damage at the very least. They can be locked and placed in a secure location without much risk of injury of danger to the outside world.

This makes them particularly useful if you have small children or animals around, especially if they have a tendency to wonder in to areas of your home that you’d prefer they didn’t visit. With a secure storage container, you can be sure that even if your child or pet was to gain access to the location; they wouldn’t be able to get at the contents that you’ve safely locked away within.

Now compare that to traditional storage methods; cupboards, drawers and hiding places. Although you may restrict access to these locations, the bottom line is that they are still accessible. Because of that fact, there will always be a risk to anyone who gets close enough to the area. Before you know it, your rifle becomes a toy, or those tubs of rat poison become a source of food for a child’s game. Even if you place these items up high, there’s always the risk of them being accessed as there’s literally nothing between the child or pet and the dangerous object.

Locking your cupboards will only go so far, especially if your product is prone to leaking as the lock will only keep someone out and not the chemicals in. That’s why a better choice would have to be a professionally developed storage cabinet, with built-in functionality that enables it to protect from both the outside and the inside, keeping your products out of arm’s reach, while allowing them to be accessible by you whenever you need.